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10 Most Popular Dances in the World

It is said that dance is a universal language. Indeed, this saying is true because people cab dance with each other and have fun without even knowing the language of another. The dance will simply speak for itself and dancers can communicate what they feel through dancing. Dancing started out to celebrate victories in battle, enhance fertility, or as a means to have a bountiful harvest. But today, people don’t dance for any of these things; instead, they dance for pure and undiluted enjoyment. There are some dances that speak to people more than others though and here are the top 10 most popular dances throughout the world today.

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  1. The Waltz – this is a romantic dance between couples and it is easily observed that people from the around the world use the waltz for special occasions such as proms, birthday debuts, and weddings.
  2. Swing – although this traces its roots in the United States from the Black American community, the Swing has made its way to various destinations throughout the world and it remains as one of the world’s top favorite dances.
  3. Disco – disco dance is widely practiced anywhere in the world that has nightclubs. There are actually many variations from the disco dance but the end result is the same, people have fun dancing Disco.
  4. Foxtrot – this has been a popular dance for a long time already and it is still being practiced today. Foxtrot is smooth dancing and it is a classic dance that is practiced worldwide.
  5. Cha cha – tracing its roots to Latin America, cha cha is one of the best-liked dances anywhere because it of its exciting and upbeat rhythm.
  6. Mambo – stimulating rhythms and playful moves characterize the Mambo. This kind of dance emphasizes the second beat with the Latin-style hip movements.
  7. Merengue – this is a simple dance that has a marching style. It is easy on the ear and the feet and people feel happy after dancing the Merengue.
  8. Rhumba – the combination of Latin and African influences make the Rhumba one of the most exciting and sensual dance.
  9. Salsa – this is one of the favorites among young people today. They pack different nightclubs to dance to the tune of Salsa music.
  10. Samba – this is a very distinctive dance that has different rhythms occurring at the same time within one song. The Samba music is rich so it is a very upbeat and cheerful dance.

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