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This Website is designed as a clear entryway to swing and lindy hop dance resources in the San Francisco Bay area. It is meant to simplify and help you find what you need. This site is for anyone from the person who has not yet started swing dancing to the experienced swing, lindy hop, or blues dancer.

San Francisco Swing Recommends these Albums and DVDs:

Swing Kids: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Big Band Era: 18 Greatest Hits
Swing Session
Lindy Hop For The Total Beginner
Swing Dancing 101 (Shawn Trautman Dance Instruction)

An overview of the swing dance and lindy hop scene in the Bay Area: There are lessons and dances in the San Francisco, South Bay, the East Bay / Oakland, and Sacramento. The swing dance scene in the Bay Area is amazing, people are very friendly, and there are many terrific places to start dancing. Here is a schedule of weekly and monthly swing and lindy hop dances in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are some great big band albums to dance to. Here are our top 20 favorite swing and big band dance albums.

Visit our Swing Dance Blog to find upcoming local / national swing events, features, and more:

You can find weekly San Francisco Bay Area dance events and classes here.

You can find nationwide swing, lindy hop, blues, and jazz dance events and classes here.

You can find swing, lindy hop, blues, and jazz classes and events outside the US here.

These are dance resources we recommend.

Get Ready, Set, Swing!

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Blues Dance is a category of dance native to the African-American communities. It has at present gained popularity, following the re-emergence of the Lindy Hop. The dance category comprises different dances like the ‘Fish Tail’, ‘Slow Drag’, ‘Cake walk’ and a few others.

Here are the best swing dance videos from
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Swing Dance is the most popular partner style social and competitive dance in the world with a host of local variations. It is practised and taught worldwide, with lots of competitions and camps being held in many places.

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It is said that dance is a universal language. Indeed, this saying is true because people can dance with each other and have fun without even knowing the language of another.

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Bay Area Swing and Lindy Hop Resources:
- dynamically updated calendar of classes, dances, special events
- dynamically updated calendar of classes, dances, special events

SFSwing email list - great email list you can join to get plugged in to the swing community

Discussion Boards
- great to chat or find special swing and related events

How to Plan a Wedding Dance and Start Dancing - This book is about how to plan a wedding dance, step by step.

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